ARDEVUR is an international trading house dealing in a diversified range of metal products for industry. Acting synergically with mining, recycling, diecasting, and other metal-processing sectors, ARDEVUR has its strengths in a flexible business model and a diversified global network.

Throughout the last unprecedented pandemic outbreak and a dramatic first half of 2020, billions of humans did not give up and found the strength to keep fighting. Conscious that each of us can make the difference in these hard times, we worked hard with the goal to support our market and business partners through digital innovation. With this VIDEO and our hearts full of optimism, we are glad to announce the launch of ARDEVUR Commodities Marketplace, a platform born to allow our partners and us to simplify and maximise the effectiveness of trading activities. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Our Products

We trade in a variety of metal commodities, from primary and refined to secondary and remelted; from ores and concentrates to scrap and residues. Our diversified portfolio focuses especially on non-ferrous and minor metals.

Our Product list keeps on growing as more items are available on our Marketplace.

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ARDEVUR: Name & Mission

The name Ardevur was inspired by the Dutch-Afrikaans words, "Aarde" (Earth) and "Vuur" (Fire). Just like metals are mined from the Earth and melted into Fire, people's ideas are precious raw gems to be forged in the fire of expertise. Ardevur's mission is to turn ideas into reality, projects into success, products into memorable service experiences. Building and sustaining long relationships with all stakeholders is Ardevur's first concern.

ARDEVUR's Market Role

In the modern and highly competitive global market, Ardevur's success stands in its care for industrial customers' needs and in the constant commitment into helping them achieve the best tailored solutions for their business.


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