Ardevur's Services

Ardevur offers a complete range of industrial services for metal buyers, with a careful eye on a combination of promptness in reaction and qualitative outcome.

Ardevur service logistic


Ardevur proposes a range of transport and storage services projected to reach different locations at the right time and satisfy heterogeneous delivery requirements.

Ardevur service financing


Ardevur offers intermediation services to facilitate and leverage clients' financing, responding to diverse needs in terms of payments and investments.

Ardevur service quality


Ardevur selects its business partners to guarantee the quality and traceability of its products. Pre-shipment checks are performed to certify all standards are met, and certifications are provided upon requests.

Ardevur service consultancy


Ardevur offers a hand in the business development of existing firms willing to expand, as much as new entrepreneurs willing to invest. With its evaluation and participation to new projects, Ardevur puts its expertise at disposal of brilliant ideas to make them reality.