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What is Ardevur?

Ardevur deals in a diversified range of metal products for industry. Acting synergically with Mining, Re-melting, Die-casting, and other metal-processing sectors, Ardevur builds its strengths on the power of people's skills and relations.

Ardevur: Name & Mission

The name Ardevur was inspired by the Dutch-Afrikaans words, "Aarde" (Earth) and "Vuur" (Fire). Just like metals are mined from the Earth and melted into Fire, people's ideas are precious raw gems to be forged in the fire of expertise. Ardevur's mission is to turn ideas into reality, projects into success, products into memorable service experiences. Building and sustaining long relationships with all stakeholders is Ardevur's first concern.

Ardevur's Market Role

In the modern and highly competitive global market, Ardevur's success stands in its care for industrial customers' needs and in the constant commitment into helping them achieve the best tailored solutions for their business.

Ardevur's Products

Ardevur supplies industries like the Automotive, Electric, Construction, Aerospace, Household, etc. The offer includes a number of raw and semi-finished metals of different shapes, mostly focusing on base metals, non-ferrous metals and minor metals.

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Ardevur's Values

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Customer Oriented Approach

Ardevur cares about customer satisfaction above all, offering the advantage of a dedicated consultant always ready to discuss the best solution for each business partner.

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Attention to Environment

Ardevur chooses its business partners according to their compliance to environmental norms, promoting sustainable business in the world of metals. The possibility to recycle all the products on Ardevur's portfolio is indeed a pride and a choice meant to sensitise modern issues, like the decreasing availability of key resources.

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Flexibility & Innovative Thinking

With a modern and up-to-date approach to all its activities, Ardevur helps its business partners achieve improvement and growth. Adapting to quick changes and unexpected requests, Ardevur focuses on keeping a high level of flexibility to satisfy customers in all kinds of situation.

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Seriousness & Reliability

Ardevur builds its reputation on the truthfulness of its word. Promises are sacred, and a word is a contract, making sure all conditions of each deal are always as agreed.

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Professionalism & Politeness

People are the greatest determinant of the success of every organisation. Ardevur believes in its people and in the relationships with its business partners. Respecting others and building bounds with a professional approach is one of Ardevur's elements of distinction.